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In depth documentation from basic to deep levels for understanding of the mechanics behind Balancer Protocol.


Balancer is at its core an automated market maker or "AMM". AMMs are required for decentralized finance in order to create markets for assets to be exchanged between individuals without regulation. The price of assets is set by the holders and traders strictly through supply and demand without any boundaries of entry for users.
Get a high level understanding of Balancer Protocol - video by Amanda Lundberg

Getting Started

How can I determine if I should user Balancer?
Understanding Balancer Protocol and what opportunities are available to users is the first step. As a trader Balancer itself has unique options for standard or gasless trading with MEV protection. For invesors, liquidity pools are customizable including stable, meta-stable, bootstrapping, managed, and weighted pools (oracle or index models) including 2 or more tokens across various networks. To learn more continue through our documentation or ask our community preferably in Discord.
Balancer DAO's Learn about Balancer documentation is only for informational purposes. The content provided does not and is not meant to convey financial advise for investment or trading opportunities. Calculations, potential outcomes, and explanations are hypothetical only and in no way are suggested to be reality by the DAO. Please do your own research and make financial decisions based on your own inferences.

Steps forward

After the introduction video you may have some more questions. Check out our goals, detailed explanations of how Balancer functions, and see how to reach out to us if we do not answer your questions here.

Fundamentals: Dive a little deeper

Learn the fundamentals of Balancer Protocol to get a deeper understanding of our main features:
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